ESP8266 Internet Button

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Internet/WiFi connected button for ESP-01 (ESP8266)

Use this circuit to build a button that:

  • Wakes up on button press (=RESET)
  • Connect to pre-configured WIFI
  • Does something in network/internet
  • Go to deep sleep afterwards

All programmed in Arduino.

Electrical connections for Dash-Button with ESP-01

|  ESP8266 ESP-01            |
|                  RXD  VCC  |
|                GPIO0  RST  |
|  component     GPIO2  CH_PD|
|    side          GND  TXD  |
|                            |

GND    <-> Minus - from CR123 battery 
VCC    <-> Plus  + from CR123 battery  
CH_PD  <-> Connect to VCC
RST    <-> Connect via 10k to VCC and via button to GND
GPIO0  <-> Connect via 10k to VCC
GPIO2  <-> --[10k]--|<|--VCC (connect via 10k and bright LED to VCC)
TXD    <-> not connect 
RXD    <-> not connect

Optional: Add big capacitor (>100uF, electrolytic) between VCC and GND