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123 Byte hinzugefügt, 08:24, 12. Aug. 2017
But my new masters are so called "Hackers", they found a way to control me without the original control unit. The masters using the cassette recording unit in my belly with a so called bluetooth adapt000r. They also figured out my secret control frequencies listed below .... don't tell any one, it is a secret!!! The masters preparing a so called web application, so everybody can control me with a comput0rrrr connected via bluetooth. The source code is available on GitHub. But, it is not completed yet... typical carbon unit... they are slow.
{| class="wikitable"|-! frequency !! function|-1600Hz !! Forward|-2000Hz !! Backward|-2200Hz !! Left|-1800Hz !! Right|-1400Hz !! audio bypath mode on|-2600Hz !! Test2 |-2400Hz !! Test3|-2800Hz !! Test4|-1200Hz !! LeftForward|-1000Hz !! LeftBackward|-800Hz !! RightForward|-4600Hz !! audio bypath mode on|}