ESP32 with OLED

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ESP32 modules with OLED display

There are several modules available that combine an ESP32 with an OLED display. Unfortunately they is often not much info about those, especially how to use them with Arduino.

Another module that features also a LoRa radio is the Heltec_Wifi_LoRa_32.

ESP32wOLED1.jpg ESP32wOLED2.jpg

Wemos like module

This is very likely a clone, as the original Wemos modules are not equipped with an OLED display.

Module with TTGO written on it, featuring 18650 battery holder

This is also a clone and very likely not from TTGO. It is equipped with an OLED display and a 18650 battery holder including some kind of charging circuit. The antenna placing of the module is not very wise - the Wifi performance is reduced somewhat compared to modules with a better placing.


Select "WEMOS LOLIN32" to work with the modules.

Using the OLED

For both modules it seems that the OLED display is accessible by GPIO5 is SDA, Pin GPIO4 is SCL using this line with the squix78 ssd1306.h Library:
SSD1306 display (0x3c, 5, 4);

Build a Wifi-Scanner with it - find source here:

View Bad Apple video on it:

ESP32 BadApple.jpg