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atmega328 laser-engraved

Now that our hackerspace CO₂-Laser is up and running I had the idea to use it to engrave the pinout directly onto the atmel328.

It's not very efficient, but its fun xD

You can see the engraving / building process here: Youtube-Video

DMT-Duino on breadboard

design files:

Bill of Materials

Quantity Part Name Value/Part No Size
1 Crystal 16 MHz 3.2 mm Dia. x 10.5 mm L
2 Capacitor 18pf 0603
1 Resistor 1M 1206
1 LED orange, 2mA 0603
1 Resistor 2K2 0603
1 Button
1 Resistor 10K 0603
3 Capacitor 100nF 0603

I use some of those for Programming: Arduino Header Stuff